My Outfits: Feb. 9 – Feb. 13

style6In the future I’m hoping to do my outfit posts on Fridays or Saturdays, but seeing as how I’m new to the blogging game, I haven’t quite perfected the whole idea of scheduling blog posts. Hopefully I’ll get better at this. These outfits are from last week (February 9 – 13). I’m posting today because I took the day off due to snow and needing one more day to sleep off a cold. I used an Instagram style challenge (#FebruaryPinnedItSpinnedIt) to inspire my outfits from last week. Disclaimer: I wear clothes until they fall apart so I’ve had some of these items for several years and don’t remember where they’re from. style1Monday (2/9)

  • Gray sweater (similar here), black skinny jeans (similar here), and sparkly black slip-ons (similar here) all from Target
  • Rose gold chain and rose gold hoop earrings (similar here) from Charming Charlie

style2Tuesday (2/10)

  • Light pink lace top (similar here) from New York & Company
  • Dark blue skinny jeans and pearl earrings and necklace set from Target
  • Black flats from DSW (sidenote: These are the most comfortable flats I’ve ever owned).

style3Wednesday (2/11) – Day 1 of Parent-Teacher Conferences

style4Thursday (2/12) – Day 2 of Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • Pants, boots, and scarf from Target
  • Jacket from a garage sale

Looking back, I kind of hate this outfit. Also, this style challenge made me realize I don’t own a blue top other than old t-shirts. style5Friday (2/13) – Day off/Date night with my man

  • That same scarf from Target (Yes, I wore it two days in a row *gasp*).
  • Bright red Joe Fresh leggings from JCPenney
  • Black boots from Target

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