My Outfits: Feb 16 – 20


This week got off to a slow start, clothing-wise. Monday was Presidents’ Day. While a lot of people had the day off (including my students), I was supposed to go in for a Professional Development Day. Well, it snowed a few inches the night before and I was at the tail end of a head cold, so I decided to take a sick day. I stayed in my house dress most of the day, but I eventually did get dressed so I could clean off my car. And if I’m going to ready my car for the road, I might as well make a Target run, right? Right. (Plus, I had a 30% off coupon that expired that day).

style2Monday (2/16

  • I have no idea where this white hoooded thing came from. Or the blue tank top underneath it. Or the hat.
  • The wool coat is from JCPenney.
  • The boots are from TJ Maxx (similar here).

Tuesday was much better. I could finally breathe through both nostrils.

style3Tuesday (2/17)

  • The peach jacket, patterned skirt, and gray tights are all from Target.
  • The cartouche was actually a gift from my grandmother’s friend. It’s my name in hieroglyphics (get one here).

On Wednesday, I put an outfit together with pieces that I never would have paired if it weren’t for the #FebruaryPinnedItSpinnedIt Instagram style challenge.

style5Wednesday (2/18)

  • The pink jacket and dress are from Dress Barn.

On Thursday, I had to do some curriculum writing with other ELA teachers throughout the district, so comfort was key.

style8Thursday (2/19)

  • The burnt orange t-shirt, beige cardigan, and boots are all from Target.
  • The steampunk clock necklace is from eBay (similar here).

The beginning of the week was a little rough, but I decided to end it in a bold way. The day started with a student saying, “Ms. Malone, your outfit is on point.” So, happy Friday to me!

style3style2Friday (2/20)

  • The blazer is from a garage sale.
  • The dress is from JCPenney.
  • The necklace (similar here) and bright red tights are from Target. Side note: I’ve had these tights for months, but I’ve been too afraid to wear them. I’m so glad I finally did, because everyone loved them!

Next week: Polka Dots!!


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