Planting Seeds In K Cups: An Ongoing Experiment – Part One

063I saw this post from Buzzfeed and felt validated in trying this experiment.

DSCN0117I saved my own used K cups and asked my co-workers to save theirs over the course of a couple months. Then I gathered all of them, numbered them, and made a spreadsheet to keep track of the different types of coffee.

DSCN0119I used only Heinz Tomato Seeds for this particular part of the experiment.

Then I ripped the foil off all the cups and dumped the coffee grounds into a plastic container. I had to be careful not to save any coffee grounds that contained mold.

DSCN0518I decided to use 3 different types of soil mixes for the tomato seeds: 1) Miracle Gro Gardening Soil, 2) coffee grounds 3) a combination of gardening soil and coffee grounds. The spreadsheet really came in handy here.

DSCN0520 DSCN0521Hopefully, I’ll have some seedlings by the end of this week. I’ll keep you posted.



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